Barrier Mask Information

Barrier Mask: 100% cotton  |  Straps: Cotton and Spandex blend

  • Wash the Barrier Mask before first use and after each wear.
  • If your mask has aluminium strip sewn in channel, remove the strip BEFORE placing mask in washing machine.
  • If you use adhesive aluminium strips, hand-wash only and press with a hot iron when dry to sterilise.
  • Make sure Barrier Mask fits over nose and under chin snugly – the ties can be cut in half to loop around ears or leave in one piece for tying behind head. Knot to suit and move knot inside the channel. 
  • Ties can be replaced with alternative options, if necessary.
  • If Barrier Mask is damp or gets wet, remove immediately. 
  • Remove the Barrier Mask using the straps – do not touch the fabric.
  • Take care not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing the Barrier Mask.
  • Wash hands immediately after removing the Barrier Mask.
  • Re-use the mask packaging to store masks when not in use.